Testimonials for Glastonbury Arthur Murray Dance Studio

" I have found that dancing has great powers of transformation. Once a bit shy about meeting people, I now find myself quite anxious to make new acquaintances. Dancing, like music, has the ability to erase petty problems and to make me feel that life is worth living. "

"Before taking dance lessons, I was very bashful and missed out on a lot of good times and fun because I was unable to dance and express myself the way I wanted. Now dancing has given me more poise and I feel more at ease."

"Dancing benefits me by giving me an enjoyable opportunity to meet people that I might not have been able to meet otherwise"

"Watching others dance is very pleasant, but doing it yourself is simply marvelous."

"Dancing has built up our self-confidence tremendously in our business and social life. We find it a lot of fun and relaxation apart from the strain of business."

"Dancing has given me a real opportunity to get more fun out of life and I'm only sorry I didn't start sooner."

"My husband and I have found dancing to be an ideal 'couples' activity and have derived much enjoyment from the dances we have attended."

"Through the relaxation I find in dancing, I find my work is much easier."

"To me, learning to dance is like my last cruise to Europe: getting there is half the fun"

"You know, learning to dance is much more fun than dieting. Besides, I find that dancing not only helps to keep my weight down, but also keeps my muscles toned"

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